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10 Annoying Things That Will Ruin A Perfect Vacation

We all dream about taking a break, going on vacation during stressful moments at work. But a good vacation can sometimes go bad if you're not careful. Here are 10 things to avoid if you can in order to decompress and attain ultimate vacation bliss while you're away.

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Packing The Wrong Things


Realizing you left what you needed at home can be a real buzz-kill and put an unnecessary dent in your budget. Check the weather at your destination up until the last minute and make sure you account for cool temperatures indoors. Make sure you also check the dress code at any establishments you might visit. Some fancier restaurants can have strict attire requirements.

Fighting With Your Travel Partner


Whether it be with a significant other or a close friend, traveling together can be fun and relaxing. Unless you get into an ugly argument, that is. Make sure you agree on plans before leaving for your destination and compromise where needed, and your stay will be more memorable if everyone stays happy.

Being Seated Next To A Loud Child


Book travel wisely: months during which kids are at school are best – you’ll avoid having little ones running wild around you during your vacation. Though it's virtually impossible to avoid children altogether, be sure to always pack earplugs for long flights in case there is a particularly loud passenger on board.

Getting Side-tracked By Work Email


According to a study conducted by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, one-third of vacationers surveyed check their email while on vacation. Make sure your co-workers know you will be unreachable, leave your computer at home and turn the cell phone off. It's called rest and relaxation for a reason!

Getting Lost


Losing your way in a big city or on a country road holds the same set of frustrations and can easily lead to the dreaded travel fight. Never set out without a good set of written directions. GPS signals are not always 100 percent reliable.

Overbooking Yourself


It's tempting to want to cram dozens of activities into one day, but you'll run out of steam before the end of your stay if you plan too much fun and not enough rest. Balance a reasonable amount of activities and relaxation and pampering to stay sane during your vacation.

Getting A Killer Sunburn


This might be common sense to most, but once you see your first ray of sunshine at your destination, it's easy to forget to stop and apply sunscreen. Just remember: looking like a lobster and tossing and turning at night because your skin is burning up is bound to put a frown on anyone's face.

Missing Your Plane


Arriving at the airport on time from your hometown might be easy, but have you planned on how to get back on time on the way home? If you're taking connecting flights, make sure to research the climate of the city in which you have a layover and avoid places that are susceptible to violent and unexpected weather, even if it seems convenient at booking time.

Having An Allergy Attack


Are you prone to seasonal allergies? Pack your antihistamines. If you're allergic to any foods, research restaurants before heading on vacation and pack safe snacks in your bag to hold you over in case you end up somewhere without viable eating options.

Oversharing Obsessively On Social Networks


Sure, it's natural to want to share the gorgeous view from your hotel room or the delicious meal you ordered right away, but bragging incessantly and checking back for comments and likes will not only take your attention away from actually enjoying your relaxing vacation, it might also rub your friends the wrong way.