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14 Stages Of Florida Beach Concert Excitement

Concerts are great. But they are even better on the beach in Florida. Which can cause any concertgoer to feel like they're on a bit of an emotional roller coaster. Fortunately, it's the type of coaster you really want to be on.

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1. It all starts with a case of acute flip-flop stress. I mean, which pair do you wear?!?

2. But that quickly turns into pre-concert gidiness.


3. Until you get there, it's shear chaos as you all run through the sand to claim a spot in the crowd.

4. And that's when you're ready for your first frosty Florida beverage.

5. Which you sip on until the opening act steps on stage and you're sort of judgy like "Who the heck are they?"

6. And even though they're pretty good, you're all "If the main act doesn't come on soon I might pass out from excitement!"

7. But then the moment arrives and you CAN'T EVEN.

8. And then they start to play.

donut-donwhat / Via tumblr

9. Which leads to unstoppable dancing in the sand.


10. Until song anxiety sets in and you're worried they won't play your favorite jam.


11. But then they do and you're the first one to start singing.

12. And you're having the best time until it hits you that might have been the last song! NO!

13. But of course they come back out for an encore and it's like the whole concert started over. Yay!

delaneylouise / Via tumblr

14. And when it's all done you just bask in the awesome feeling you get after a great concert on the beach in Florida.

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