11 Unexpected Ways To Get Around Florida

Cars are definitely overrated. Get around like a real adventurer when you VISIT FLORIDA.

1. Ditch your sedan and hit the open seas on your own personal water rocket.

Kelvin Murray / Getty Images

2. Or walk on (and above) water with a WATER JET PACK.

Ron Marquardt / CC / Via vimeo.com

3. Hang-glide for a majestic perspective of Florida.

Carlos Varela / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: c32

4. Skim like a waterbug on the Everglades’ River of Grass.

cal20dennis / CC / Via vimeo.com

5. Or glide on Florida’s thermal winds where it’s so quiet, you can hear yourself think.

Ernest Manewal / Getty Images

6. Be the coolest person in Florida when you cruise The Keys in a float plane. Just whoa.

Lorraine Boogich / Getty Images

7. Better yet, check out the ocean in a mini submarine.

8. Or get wet on dry land with a beer table bike. (Yes, that means a bike with a table and beer.)

9. Take a ride in the Mega Bite and hang out with dolphins.

10. Or float peacefully above the Sunshine State.

Ivan Cholakov / Getty Images

Claudia Domenig / Getty Images


11. Then sail with a buddy to have way more fun than all your other buddies still on the ground.

Jason D’Agostino / CC / Via vimeo.com

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