10 Summer Jams With A Florida REMIX!

This summer’s hottest hits to enjoy by the pool or beach in Florida.

1. “Turn down for what!” - Lil’ Jon & DJ Snake

YEAAAAAAH! Florida sunshine turns down for what!

Tumblr / Via theknownyetstillunknowngirl

2. “I’m so fancy.” - Iggy Azalea

From Tallahassee to Miami, we’re so fancy.

Tumblr / Via estapafurdio

3. “No summertime sadness here.” - Lana Del Ray

Dancing in the cotton candy skies.

iStock / Via Rawpixel

4. “All of me loves all of Florida.” - John Legend / Tiesto Remix

My head’s underwater & I’m doing fine.

Tumblr / Via hesterdedecker

5. “I met you in the summer.” – Calvin Harris

Summer + Beach + Friends = #LoveFL

Flickr / Via anikalondon

6. “Head in the clouds. No weight on my shoulders.” – Arianna Grande

99 Problems but the sun ain’t one.

Instagram / Via @misvincent

7. “I don’t mind.” – Paramore

No reason to be crying with views like this.

Tumblr / Via feelinflawless-livinlawless

8. “Call it magic.” – Coldplay

Our pool parties are just better.

Tumblr / Via dearamandacarol

9. “You lift my heart up.” – Disclosure

Home to the best friendships under the sun.

10. “All this wild, wild love of ours.” – Pitbull

Fun in the sun that can’t be tamed.

Tumblr / Via youngheart0

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