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12 Reasons California Is A Foodie Paradise

California is the place to be for fans of amazing restaurants and cooking. Catch more of the Golden State's amazing food scene on Always in Season from Visit California and CA GROWN.

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3. Farmers and chefs collaborate on new dishes in the Golden State.

Because the farm is often mere miles from the restaurant in California, it allows farmers to go out on a limb and grow things they are excited about, knowing the chefs trust them. The result is very original, very local dishes in restaurants across the state.

4. You can grow a huge variety of fruits and vegetables year-round and in your backyard.

Remember the great climate that helps commercial farms in California? That helps people who want to grow their own food at home too.

5. And whatever you don't grow, it's probably in season in California and at the local farmers market.

When you have as many farms as California does, you also have a lot of farmers markets. Many of those farmers markets are open year-round.

12. No matter what meal you choose, California has the perfect local wine to complement it.

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The vineyards of Northern California's Wine Country are legendary, but there are fantastic wineries all over the state.

For your next truly great meal, come to California. See more of the state's vibrant farm-to-fork scene on Always in Season from Visit California and CA GROWN.