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20 Places In Britain That Were Practically Made For Instagram

Basically every single corner of the island. Visit Britain and capture some amazing moments of your own. The views are free, after all.

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1. The otherworldly landscapes of the Lake District:

Instagram: @a_northern_life / Via

2. The awe-inspiring medieval buildings of the Shambles in York:

Instagram: @es_kwon / Via

3. All of London — and especially Big Ben and the Westminster Bridge:

Instagram: @tomtehh / Via

4. The exquisite Victoria Quarter in Leeds:

Instagram: @mtthwcp / Via

5. The eyegasm that is the Churchill Arms pub in London:

Instagram: @thebelleabroad / Via

6. The ancient Roman baths in Bath:

Instagram: @kevoed / Via

7. The magical lavender fields of Surrey:

Instagram: @huwtapping / Via

8. The symmetrical architecture of London's Covent Garden:

Instagram: @dannyzappa / Via

9. The lovely Bettys Tea Room in York:

Instagram: @louise_eaton / Via

10. Morning stretches on the stunningly white Old Harry Rocks:

Instagram: @paulodelvalle / Via

11. The dramatic sunrise at Eilean Donan Castle in Scotland:

Instagram: @muenchmax / Via

12. The fairytale-esque Glennfinan Viaduct in the Scottish Highlands:

Instagram: @but_I_Call_her_tess / Via

13. The lovely Victorian bandstand by the sea in Brighton:

Instagram: @spectalia_ / Via

14. The Suffolk coast, with all its whimsical beach huts:

Instagram: @erikhageman / Via

15. The centuries-old Cardiff Castle in Wales:

Instagram: @thegoodly / Via

16. The light shining through London's beautiful Natural History Museum:

Instagram: @dannyzappa / Via

17. The quaint, quintessential English village of Clovelly in North Devon:

Instagram: @hope_and_wander / Via

18. The spectacular Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland:

Instagram: @_vista_ / Via

19. The regal and extravagant Chatsworth House in Derbyshire:

Instagram: @mssmellor / Via

20. And the summit of Ben A'an overlooking the beautiful Trossachs in Scotland:

Instagram: @Iamland / Via

Britain is FULL of incredible places. Visit Britain and experience (and Instagram!) every amazing moment.