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15 Great British Food Festivals That Will Make You Fall In Love With British Food

If a vacation isn't centered around the food you're going to eat, is it even a vacation?

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1. The Big Feastival, Cotswolds

The Big Feastival is a weekend food and music festival held in the idyllic Cotswolds that's well worth a pit stop if you're visiting in summer. They have a huge variety of street food that shows off the culinary variety of the UK, including a woodland mushroom, spinach, and truffle oil pie and a full English breakfast hot dog.

When: Annually, August.

2. KERB Market, London

Courtesy of KERB Food

If you want to experience the best of London's street food, be sure to swing by KERB in Camden Market during your vacation. It brings together 34 stalls of street food, every day of the week. Dishes available include halloumi fries, tadka dal, and salt and Szechuan crispy squid.

When: All year round, every day.

3. Salisbury Christmas Market, Wiltshire

Not only is Salisbury Christmas Market a great place to grab gifts and souvenirs for your loved ones, it's also host to seasonal favorites from across Europe. Some of the dishes available include festive crepes, hearty pork kebabs, and, of course, bratwurst and gluhwein.

When: Annually, November and December.

4. Foodies Festival, Newcastle

Courtesy of Foodies Festival / Mike Page, Courtesy of Foodies Festival / Terry Applin / Lanyard Media

Foodies Festival happens all over the Britain, including Brighton, Edinburgh, and Newcastle, so be sure to check their website to see if there's one taking place when you're visiting.

At the Newcastle festival, you can watch top British chefs cook their signature dishes, take a baking class, and enjoy a spot of afternoon tea. The street food options include orange and ginger oysters and hoisin duck sesame pancakes – ideal for washing down with a glass of Pimm's.

When: Annually, Brighton in May, Edinburgh in August, and Newcastle in June.

5. Hawker House Street Feast, London

Hawker House Street Feast is a food market that runs every Friday and Saturday in Canada Water, London. Highlights include bacon and cheese–stacked sliders, Venezuelan-style brisket, and colorful vegan tacos. It runs all year round, so you can pop by, no matter when your trip is.

When: All-year-round, Friday and Saturday.

6. VegFest, Bristol

VegFest holds vegan food festivals every year in Bristol, Brighton, and London. Must-trys include jackfruit burritos, vegetable paella, and birthday cake–flavored macaroons.

When: Annually, Brighton in March, Bristol in May, and London in October.

7. Sausage & Cider Fest, Leicestershire

Sausage & Cider festival combines two core staples of British foodie culture into one great weekend.

Held in Hinckley, Leicestershire, the festival sources artisan ciders from across the country, as well as local makers. The food goes beyond your typical hot dogs, too, with Polish kielbasa and sausage toasties among the street dishes available.

When: Annually, August.

8. Abergavenny Food Festival, Monmouthshire

Courtesy of Abergavenny Food Festival / Nanette Hepburn Photography

Abergavenny Food Festival is the largest and longest-running food festival in Wales that celebrates the best of Welsh music, culture, and cuisine. The festival isn't afraid to push the boundaries with its food, with everything from s'mores crumpets to rocket (arugula) and pesto brioche buns.

When: Annually, September.

9. Falmouth Oyster Festival, Cornwall

Courtesy of Falmouth Oyster Festival

Falmouth Oyster Festival is an annual festival in Cornwall, England, that's been showcasing the best of Cornish seafood for 21 years and counting. Falmouth oysters are smaller and more delicate than the Pacific variety – well worth traveling for.

When: Annually, October.

10. BBC Good Food Show, Glasgow

Instagram: @bbcgoodfoodshow

If you fancy checking out the best of Scottish cuisine, head to The Good Food Show in Glasgow, which is held in October. Gourmet scotch eggs, barbecued halloumi toasties, and fish and chip sandwiches are just some of the things to try.

When: Annually, October.

11. Meatopia, London

Courtesy of Meatopia

The iconic American festival Meatopia landed in Britain in 2012 and is now a staple event for the London's meat lovers. All the meat at the festival is ethically sourced and cooked over wood and charcoal on site. Be sure to try the drunken chicken and the masala goat with eggplant sambal when you go.

When: Annually, September.

12. Dartmouth Food Festival, Devon

Courtesy of Dartmouth Food Festival

Dartmouth Food Festival is a huge food and drink festival in Devon that showcases the best of southwest England's street food. Local specialities include Cornish fudge, toad in the hole, and Tibetan Salcombe crab dumplings.

When: Annually, October.

13. Loch Lomond Festival, Loch Lomond

Courtesy of Loch Lomond Festival / Madeline Gray / The Palm Beach Post, Courtesy of Loch Lomond Festival / Ian Wallman

Loch Lomond Food and Drink Festival brings together food from the local area of Loch Lomond, Scotland, and from across Britain, every September. Make sure you check out the Aberdeen Angus steak, Lochnell oysters, and, of course, the numerous varieties of haggis.

When: Annually, September.

14. Newtown Food Festival, Powys

Courtesy of Newtown Food Festival

Newtown Food Festival in Newtown, Wales, is held annually on the first weekend of September. Specialities can include Kurdish spicy pasties, chicken shawarma, and hog roast baps.

When: Annually, September.

15. Northampton Winter Food Festival, Northamptonshire

Courtesy of Northampton Winter Food Festival

A must-add to your hit list if you're visiting Britain near Christmas is Northampton Winter Food Festival. Held over one weekend in November, there are gift stalls, chef demonstrations, tasting workshops, and an open-air street-food market to check out. Must-trys include griddled cheese toasties, bangers and mash, and mulled cider and wine.

When: Annually, November.

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