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12 Emerging British Artists That Are Necessary Listening

Serious question: Does the best music come from the UK? These artists are already British Famous, but you may not have heard of them. That changes now!

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1. NAO — East London, England

Nadine Ljewere / Courtesy of NAO

◊ Genre: Alternative R&B

◊ The sound in a sentence: When you're getting dressed for a night out and you catch yourself in the mirror and think, "Damn, I look fine."

2. Be Charlotte — Dundee, Scotland

Courtesy of Be Charlotte

◊ Genre: Indie Pop

◊ The sound in a sentence: A montage scene in a movie where the struggling main character is finally getting their shit together.

3. Dave — Streatham, London, England

Courtesy of Dave

◊ Genre: Grime

◊ The sound in a sentence: When it's late night and you've got a lot of stuff on your mind, so you take a walk.

4. JP Cooper — Manchester, England

© David Levenson /

◊ Genre: Neo-soul

◊ The sound in a sentence: That feeling on a beautiful morning after a successful one-night stand where you want to high-five strangers in the street.

5. Tom Misch — London, England

Courtesy of Tom Misch

◊ Genre: Alternative

◊ The sound in a sentence: After day drinking, the exact moment when you and your friends decide to take this party into the night (precisely when the beat drops in this song at 0:53).

6. Jorja Smith — Walsall, England

Ellington Hammond

◊ Genre: R&B

◊ The sound in a sentence: When it's raining outside and you're trapped inside, wrapped in a blanket, thinking about all your choices.

7. Tom Zanetti — Leeds, England

Courtesy of Tom Zanetti

◊ Genre: Dance/Electronic

◊ The sound in a sentence: When you arrive at the club, walk through the door, assess the vibe, and immediately realize tonight is going to be lit.

8. Gulp — Cardiff, Wales

Courtesy of Gulp

◊ Genre: Garage Space-Pop

◊ The sound in a sentence: Dancing in slow motion at a house party at a mansion in the 1970s.

9. Bugzy Malone — Manchester, England

Courtesy of Bugzy Malone

◊ Genre: Grime

◊ The sound in a sentence: A brisk Monday morning and you're up early killing it in the gym before work.

10. SG Lewis — Reading, England

Courtesy of SG Lewis

◊ Genre: Electronic

◊ The sound in a sentence: Driving in your car on a sunny afternoon to meet a good friend for coffee.

11. Honeyblood — Glasgow, Scotland

Courtesy of Honeyblood

◊ Genre: Noise Pop

◊ The sound in a sentence: Skipping school to go to the mall with your best friends.

12. The Rhythm Method — London, England

Courtesy of The Rhythm Method

◊ Genre: Indie Pop

◊ The sound in a sentence: When you just broke up with someone and you know it was the right choice, but also you're still sad.

Listen to all the songs in the playlist below.

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