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11 Places In Britain That’ll Make You Feel Like James Bond

License to chill!

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2. Marvel at the majesty of Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire, England.

Courtesy of Blenheim Palace

If you're truly looking to experience the employ of Her Majesty's secret service, then no trip would be complete without a palace. And as far as palaces go, Blenheim surely gives Buckingham a run for its money.

A beautiful, sprawling estate in the Oxfordshire countryside, Blenheim Palace is the birthplace and ancestral home of Winston Churchill. But today, the palace, park, and gardens are all open to the public. (It also features in the upcoming Bond film, SPECTRE, too!)

3. Take a drive on the A82 towards Glencoe, Scotland.

Andrew Locke / Getty Images

Consistently voted one of the best roads to drive in Britain, this 140-mile stretch that pierces right through the heart of Scotland is utterly breathtaking. Winding through the prehistoric terrain, it's an exhilarating experience with dramatic views you may recognize from its appearance in Skyfall.

If ever there was an occasion to rent out that Aston Martin, this would be it, no?

4. Get dressed to kill at Savile Row, London.

Richard James Taylor / Getty Images

If you're going to truly look the part, then there's only one street you can possibly go: Savile Row, where world-class tailors have been plying their trade since the late 18th century.

5. There's nothing to see here in Vauxhall, London.

Doug McKinlay / Getty Images

Whisper it, but that's MI6, the Secret Intelligence Service. It almost hides in plain sight, but believe it or not, you can pretty much walk right up to it. (Well, you can walk up to the big, steel gates...)

6. Take a cruise down the River Thames, London.

Laurie Noble / Getty Images

Sometimes the quickest route is the most direct, so why not make your way across London via one of the most iconic rivers in the world? Now, you probably won't be able to do it in a tux while casually sipping champagne, but nevertheless, the Thames Clipper is still a pretty stylish way to travel.

7. Pay homage to Sir Fitzroy Hew MacLean at Duart Castle, Scotland.

Courtesy of Duart Castle, Isle of Mull

Who's that you ask? MacLean was a Scottish WWII war hero, whose tales of daring and bravery behind enemy lines served as inspiration for the spy we all know and love.

Scotland is a large part of James Bond lore, and truly epic castles such as Duart Castle — the ancestral home of the Maclean clan — are as much of what makes the character as the suits, cars, and martinis.

8. Put on the charm 40 stories high at the Duck & Waffle, London.

Courtesy of Duck and Waffle / Via

There are places to be seen and there are places to impress. Duck & Waffle ticks both of those boxes with its exclusive vibe, sumptuous cocktails, and stunning views across the whole of London from a perch high in the clouds. Open 24 hours a day, a late, late-night visit is a must.

9. Roam the grounds of Stoke Park, Buckinghamshire, England.

Matthew Harris / Courtesy of Stoke Park

Twice has Stoke Park featured in the Bond films, and it's easy to see why. This sprawling country club, spa, and hotel has been in existence in some form for over 1,000 years and looks every bit the part.

10. Kick back in style at Nightjar, London.

Courtesy of NightJar

Imagine enjoying a drink at the bar of this delightful speakeasy, fully hidden away from the bustle and noise of the city up above. Low lights, elegant decor, and a jazz soundtrack — some might say the perfect place for when you don't want to be found...

11. Don your tux and ballgown at The Ritz Club Casino, London

Courtesy of The Ritz Club

OK, you didn't think we'd forget the casino, did you? Not for the faint of heart, the Ritz Club is everything you'd dream it to be: stylish, sophisticated, and glamorous to a fault. Just make sure you're dressed in your absolute finest, as the doormen won't accept anything less.

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