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12 Weekend DIY Projects That Will Instantly Improve Your Week

If you've got time over the weekend, spend it around the house doing these super-fun DIYs. We promise they'll brighten up the week ahead.

1. Up the green in your space by installing a hanging succulent garden:

2. Illuminate your mind, body, and soul by adding a brass chandelier to your life:

3. You can also liven up an old kitchen table with some fresh paint!

4. Transform old chairs and use them to create a glamorous outdoor seating area!

5. And to make cleaning up easier, turn an unused cabinet into a hidden pull-out bin for trash!

6. Make some soap that will soothe your skin all day long!

7. Get really creative and line the inside of a bookcase with stencils!

8. Coat old bottles in paint and make some stunning centerpieces!

9. If you can't decide what to do with a wall, turn it into a white chalkboard!

10. Or whip up some removable wallpaper!

11. You could even turn an old cabinet door into an inspirational quote:

12. And last but not least, don't forget to make your own candles!