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62 Thoughts Every Reading Addict Has While In Between Books

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1. "THE END." Already???

2. I'll just keep tapping my e-reader to be sure...

3. Nope. Really the end. I can't believe it's over. 😱

4. That was like, NOT an ending.

5. How did that go by so fast?!? I feel like I just finished the first chapter!

6. Oh man, it really is over.

7. Also it's 2 a.m. LOL.

8. I have to go to work tomorrow, UGH.

9. I feel empty and alone.

10. I can't just go to sleep now.

11. Maybe I should get a snack?

12. Yes, I need fuel to help me decide on my next read.

13. I'll head to the kitchen for some deep thinking.

14. Sugar and salt will help me through this. 🍪

15. The character in the last book had SUCH a sweet tooth...

16. ...WAAAHHH, I want to read it over again.

17. Should I just read it over again?

18. It wouldn't take that long!

19. AND I'd notice foreshadowing and symbolism I missed before.


21. There are WAYYY too many books on my list to reread one I just read.

22. I need to pick a new one.

23. It's 2:18 a.m.

24. I need to have a new book ready and packed by 3 a.m. for tomorrow's commute so I can go to sleep and not be a total nightmare at work.

25. OK.

26. It's decision time.

27. Back to the bedroom to get my laptop and search for e-books.

28. SO. The last book was like a fun, romantic beach read.

29. I need something more serious this time.

30. Something educational...that will make my brain work.

31. Maybe a classic?

32. I have like 40 on my list.

33. I'm never going to be able to read all the classics.

34. 😭 😭 😭

35. I wish my full-time job were just to read.

36. ALL DAY.

37. I wouldn't even care if I didn't get paid.

38. Books are all I need in life...

39. Maybe I should go back to school to become an English teacher.

40. That would basically be getting paid to read all day!!!!

41. WOW, I think I just figured out my future?!?! 💯 👊

42. But it's 2:42 a.m., and I still haven't picked a new book.

43. Maybe I don't really want to read a classic...

44....maybe sci-fi is what I need RN?

45. I just want a book to be enjoyable and challenging at the same time.

46. Is that too much to ask for in life?

47. But I also want characters I can totally love.

48. And totally hate.

49. I don't just want to feel "meh" about the characters, OK?!?

50. Also, I don't want something everyone and their MOM is reading.

51. I don't want to be that person who just follows the crowd.

52. PLUS that means spoilers. NO SPOILERS.

53. I would rather live in a dark, black hole than have the ending of a book ruined for me.

54. AND I'm about to be living in a dark, black hole at work tomorrow.

55. OK. It's official. I'm going to close my eyes and pick something random.

It's the only way.

56. I have to trust that my deep, spiritual obsession with books will guide me.

57. *takes a deep breath* I can do this.

58. *closes eyes, runs fingers around computer screen, and...stops* I'm scared to look.

59. *slowly opens eyes and looks down at the screen* YESSSSS. SWEET, SWEET RELIEF.

60. I've been dying to read this.

61. *looks at clock and sees it's 3 a.m. on the dot* Well, I'm already up this late...

62. ...I'll just read the first chapter. 😉

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