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11 Ridiculous Things You've Probably Done While Engrossed In A Book

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1. Missed your subway stop...multiple times. / Via

Getting off is irrelevant when you're in the middle of a suspenseful crime investigation!

2. Hidden in the bathroom to read at work.


No one is going to question what you're doing, so...

3. Or not gone to the bathroom for an unhealthy amount of time.

Universal Pictures / Via

Some things just need to wait until there's a break in the action!

4. Thrown something violently across the room.

TV Land / Via

Your favorite character majorly screwed up, and the rage is REAL.

5. Forgotten to eat for hours on end.


Your mind is being fed...your body, not so much.

6. Or gorged yourself for hours because...feelings.


Stress-eating on behalf of characters is definitely a thing.

7. Fallen up and/or down the stairs with your face in a book.


"No one saw that... It's cool... Just gonna keep walking (and reading)."

8. Stayed up all night and embarrassingly fallen asleep on the way to work the next day. / Via

Slipping out of your seat or drooling on the shoulder of a random person next to you is the price you have to pay for saying "Just one more chapter..." at least 12 times.

9. Canceled a big date to stay home and read.

BuzzFeed Video /

The only romance you want at the moment is the one going on between the main character and her ex-lover!

10. Fallen off an exercise machine while focusing more on reading than where your feet are. / Via

At least you TRIED to multitask.

11. And REALLY public.


Hey, you're only human! But...maybe, like, bring sunglasses next time?

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