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14 Everyday Annoyances That Can Actually Ruin Your Day

RUIN. But with Visa payWave for Mobile, there's now one less thing to get in the way of your day. Payments made simple, all with the tap of your phone.

1. When your housemate leaves you presents.

2. When you're halfway to work and realise you forgot your keys.

3. When you're too hot under the covers but then too cold without the covers.

4. When you get this message every minute of every hour of every day:

5. When the Wi-Fi password is "N0Ox444H9p414RrTq097Ki000000000000m6."

6. When you're about to sneeze, but then it goes away.

7. When you can't remember your password for any website ever.

8. When your socks slip off your heel and scrunch up inside your shoes.

9. This. Always this:

10. When the ratios are off.

11. When you're getting ready for work, then out of nowhere you spot a super-rude gray hair.

12. When you run into someone you don't really want to talk to, but you talk to them anyway to be nice, and then about an hour later, you realise you had your entire breakfast stuck in your teeth the whole time.

13. When you get onto the elevator, minding your own business, when out of nowhere a man in a business suit gets on and starts eating a bacon and egg roll and smacks his lips like literally RIGHT IN YOUR FACE...and then you're forced to pack your bags and 👋 leave 👋 the 👋 country 👋.

14. And most importantly…when a bowling ball drops on your telly.

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