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13 Things You’ll Miss Out On If You’re Not In Austin Right Now

Tech, film, music, 100,000 tourists... For the next few weeks, Austin is one big playground for cutting-edge techies, music junkies, and film addicts. But the big fest is not for everyone. That’s why, whether you’re roaming the streets of Austin or at home on the couch, here’s the scoop from Texas — brought to you by Visa.

1. If you're not in Austin right now, you won't have to fight your way through the ridiculously overcrowded 6th Street...

2. ...or pay a sky-high pedicab fee to get back to your bed at night.

3. You won't be waiting in a long line for a wristband or a pass or a badge...

4. ...just so you can stand in another line to rub elbows with some startup types.

5. If you're not in Austin right now, your Wi-Fi is probably speedy and accessible.

6. There's most likely a bathroom you can use whenever you want — and with no line!

7. And water is so plentiful, you've forgotten what thirst feels like.

8. But then again, if you're not in Austin right now, secret shows will stay, well, secret.

9. You're going to miss dozens of exciting panels about cutting-edge tech, startups, and ground-breaking industry innovation.

10. You won't get a real taste of the city.

11. And you definitely won't understand why people will wait in line all day...

12. ...for a few pounds of this stuff:

13. You might be glad you’re escaping the crowds in Austin right now, but your friends who are there will see this sign and think of you:

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