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11 Startups That’ll Make Your Life Easier This Year

The struggle is real...but not for much longer. These companies bring you innovations that will make your life way easier...just like Visa payment innovations — innovations that give you time back.

1. This social network (but for work) that will keep email from interrupting your workflow:

2. This photo editing app that offers powerful tools on a mobile platform:

3. This styling service that will send you clothing items based on your personal style:

4. This sport networking app that will help you find fellow fans so you can join up for games:

5. This audio recording device that lives on your wrist and allows you to capture the past 60 seconds of your life:

6. This sick-day service that lets you stay in bed while a doctor comes to you:

7. This streaming video app that will allow you to broadcast your life through a LIVE video feed:

8. This sleep spray company that is going to have you catching major ZZZs:

9. This news-aggregation service that will show you the news your friends are reading:

10. This gift service that ships crates of jerky, whiskey, and zombie survival gear:

11. And finally, this messaging app that wants you to communicate in just three words:

The next big thing isn't useful unless it actually improves your life. Visa innovations — so your life gets easier, not more complicated.