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11 Startups That’ll Make Your Life Easier This Year

The struggle is real...but not for much longer. These companies bring you innovations that will make your life way easier...just like Visa payment innovations — innovations that give you time back.

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1. This social network (but for work) that will keep email from interrupting your workflow:

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Because we all deserve an empty inbox. This new workflow platform takes spam out of the equation by creating a work "news feed" that allows you to @mention people who need to respond and annotate on everything. It also syncs with file hosting services and is optimized for mobile, so you can stay productive on the go.

2. This photo editing app that offers powerful tools on a mobile platform:


Because your filter game could use some help. This app gives you advanced masking and editing tools so you can do the type of photo work that was previously limited to powerful desktop applications.

3. This styling service that will send you clothing items based on your personal style:

Kris Ubach And Quim Roser / Getty Images

Because retail therapy is so often not actually therapeutic. This service assigns you a stylist who gets to know your look and then sends you clothing you'll enjoy. If you don't like it, send it back — shipping both directions is free.

4. This sport networking app that will help you find fellow fans so you can join up for games:

Thomas Barwick / Getty Images

Because "tailgate for one" is an incredibly sad state of affairs. This app lets you find fans in your area and broadcast information about tailgates, watch parties, and meetups. It's great for when you move to a new city (aka rival territory!) but want to keep rooting for the home team.

5. This audio recording device that lives on your wrist and allows you to capture the past 60 seconds of your life:

Plume Creative / Getty Images

Because your joke really was that good and because no one should fight about "who said what" ever again. Simply tap the device, and it automatically sends a record of the previous 60 seconds to your smartphone.

6. This sick-day service that lets you stay in bed while a doctor comes to you:


Because it takes an angel to rescue you from the phrase "I feel like death." Once a doctor confirms your request, they arrive within two hours. It's also great for routine appointments that get in the way of your work schedule.

7. This streaming video app that will allow you to broadcast your life through a LIVE video feed:

Sash Alexander Photography / Getty Images

Because sometimes you really do just have to be there. The service is super easy to use and allows people to "tune in" to you, live, via social networks.

8. This sleep spray company that is going to have you catching major ZZZs:

By Jekaterina Nikitina / Getty Images

Because sleep is a luxury you cannot afford to miss. As it turns out, topical application actually makes sense scientifically because it allows sleeping aides to be absorbed slowly into your system.

9. This news-aggregation service that will show you the news your friends are reading:

Ole Spata / Getty Images

Because surfing the trending topics is NOT the best way to find news that matters to you. Instead, find what your friends are reading — because you trust their tastes over the general public.

10. This gift service that ships crates of jerky, whiskey, and zombie survival gear:

Jetta Productions / Getty Images

Because there really is something for everyone, and that something now comes in a crate. Big crates. Filled with jerky. And retro video games. And beer.

The next big thing isn't useful unless it actually improves your life. Visa innovations — so your life gets easier, not more complicated.

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