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6 Rad Beaches That'll Inspire You To Surf

These gnarly beaches aren't just for computer backgrounds — they're also great for adrenaline rushes. #GoInSix with Visa. We bet it will only take six seconds before you want to grab a wave or catch up on some sun.

1. The sick Pipeline in O'ahu, Hawaii.

surfglassy / Via Flickr: 37621253@N07

The Banzai Pipeline on O'ahu's North Shore is considered the best surfing in the world and also the most dangerous, with waves over 12 feet high. Do you have what it takes to surf here??? If not, it's also a great place to soak up some sun and watch others ride the epic waves.

2. Supertubes in Jeffreys Bay, South Africa

Paul Kennedy / Getty Images

Other than the exotic and beautiful surroundings, the long rides of Jeffreys Bay make it a phenomenal spot for boarding. Surfers can look forward to up to 300 meters of sweet ocean cruising.

3. The sunny beaches of Bali, Indonesia.

Brent Fitzgerald / Via Flickr: 48095395@N00

There are two surfing destination points in Bali—Uluwatu and Kuta. Uluwatu is for the big leagues and the locals, while Kuta is better for beginners who want to take their first dip.

4. The tubes of Gold Coast, Australia.

Kirstin Scholtz / Getty Images

It can be a trek getting to the best surfing spots along the Gold Coast in Queensland, but the epic tubes make the journey worth it.

5. The monster waves of Mavericks, California.

UltraView Admin / Via Flickr: 69658016@N03

The 25-meter high waves at Mavericks in Northern California are caused by storms at sea, making it arguably as dangerous as the O'ahu Pipeline. This is for experts only.

6. The stoney shores of Lima, Peru.

Thomas Cristofoletti / Getty Images

Though Lima's beaches are not known for being comfortable, it is a place where there are waves for every skill level.