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6 Restaurants You Need To Eat At Once In Your Life

Dine like a ninja, or with a robot, or on an island! #GoInSix with Visa. These restaurants are the tastiest and most unique in the world. They're so amazing, it'll only take you six seconds to start making reservations!

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2. Dine under the sea at Ithaa.

photogandu / Via

The name of Ithaa Undersea Restaurant gets straight to the point—here, you dine 16 feet under the Indian Ocean. Located in the Maldives Islands, Ithaa boasts beautiful views of sharks, fish and coral gardens and serves six-course meals with champagne pairings.

4. Be served by ninjas in NY.

thisismecl / Via Flickr: 58367846@N00

Ninja New York, located in New York City, of course, is like taking a portal to a Japanese feudal village. From the outside, Ninja New York doesn't appear too different from other sushi restaurants, but after taking the steps down into the restaurant you are at the mercy of ninjas, magicians, and pyrotechnics. The best part is that some of the food here is interactive and requires ninja tricks.

5. Eat in the dark at Opaque.

Jennifer O. / Via

At Opaque in Los Angeles, diners eat in total darkness. What sounds potentially disastrous is actually carefully orchestrated: the blind or visually impaired servers have been specifically trained to cater to guests. Besides not having to look at your date, Opaque's biggest appeal is what it does for all of your senses.

6. Get dinner on floating Forbes Island.

Chad Phillips / Via

Forbes Island has it all: underwater dining rooms, seaside cocktails, views of Alcatraz and occasional visits from sea lions. Forbes Island is basically a floating paradise.