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6 Desserts That Will Make Your Mouth Water

You're forgiven if you can't make it through this post without drooling. #GoInSix with Visa. There are so many delectable desserts out there that you need to try. So tantalizing, it'll only take six seconds for you to come down with a case of the munchies.

1. The best kind of sticky situation

Get messy with sumptuous sticky buns from Flour Bakery in Boston, MA. These ooey, gooey delights are so sought out that the bakery recommends you call ahead to reserve one or else you might leave empty handed.

2. Have layers upon layers of cake

Linda Davidson / The Washington Post / Getty Images

You haven't had cake until you've had one of the Smith Island variety. This delectable treat is typically made with layers of yellow pound cake and chocolate icing. It's so good, they made it Maryland's official dessert.

3. Eat a sweet piece of history

If you're a fan of Bananas Foster, you need to visit New Orleans to try it at Brennan's, where it was invented in 1951.

4. A fancy treat for fancy fellows

If you want macaron nirvana, look no further than Ladurée. Each tiny morsel of cake and ganache is created from precise measurements and are aged for two days to achieve the perfect balance between texture and flavor. The best part? They're available in NYC, no need to fly to France.

5. You can't just have one scoop

Kristin Teig

Tired of getting the same old ice cream flavors all the time? Treat your tastebuds to some Christina's Ice Cream in Cambridge, MA. With exotic flavors ranging from Cinnamon Rice Pudding and Fresh Rose to Herbal Chai, your life might never be the same. Oh, and did we mention they make it themselves?

6. Have a slice of New York

The classic Junior's cheesecake is minimalism at its finest hour. You get nothing more or less than the best cheesecake you'll ever eat. It's so good that when the Brooklyn establishment caught on fire in 1981 people on the street shouted "Save the cheesecake!"