• Viromancy

      Freedom of speech has always been legally circumscribed, you twit — never heard of the shouting “Fire!” in a crowded theatre thing? But even without legal restrictions, freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom from consequences. You can say what you like, but if your wife walks out on you, and your best friend stops talking to you, and you family disown you because of what you said — well, that’s their freedom too. Freedom’s a bitch, ain’t it? Everyone else has it too, not just you. Say what you like; but don’t bleat about “freedom” if people hammer you for making use of it.

    • Viromancy

      According to my pasta-making book, it’s called corzetti (also croxetti, or corsetti) and it supposedly dates back to 13th century Genoa. It’s traditionally made by cutting out disks of fresh pasta and pressing them between two halves of an engraved wooden stamp. Renaissance families had their coats of arms engraved on one side of the stamp, apparently. You can buy corzetti stamps online: artisanalpastatools dot com do a range.

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