What You Think Life After College Is Like Vs. Reality

Spoiler alert: Apparently life after college is mostly work, and getting hit in the face. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

1. Expectation

You’re going to shake things up. Look out world!


Ahhhhhh, nope.

2. Expectation

We’re all getting JOOOOOOOOOBBBBBBBBSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!


Welcome to the worst job market in the history of ever.

3. Expectation

‘Bout to get paid. Rack city up in here.


You mean I have to pay these loans back?

4. Expectation

Now it’s time to party!


Time to knuckle down and get to work.

5. Expectation

Gonna be running things.


Oh hai, unpaid internship.

6. Expectation

Baller crib. Living free and easy.


Living rent free in the ‘rents basement.

7. Expectation

You’re ready to do whatever it takes to get ahead.


What it takes to get ahead is cray.

8. Expectation

Time to join the captains of industry in your chosen field.


Your career path will most likely take some unexpected turns.

9. Expectation

I have a degree. I know how to do stuff.


The stuff you’ve learned is somewhat questionable.

10. Expectation

You’re all grown up and ready to handle your business


You probably need a lil’ more work

12. But don't let it beat you up.

13. Just go with it.

14. Someday you'll be the boss.

15. And you'll make the rules.

16. And that is so baller.

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