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20 Ways You're Creeping Everyone Out On Facebook

A Poke for a Poke and the whole world goes creep. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

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1. When You Act Like Emily

2. When We're Not Sure You're Kidding

3. When . . . Wait, Why?

4. When You Get All Philosophical

5. When You're His Mom

6. When You Have to Use "It's Complicated"

7. When You Jump The Gun

8. When You Post This


9. When You Let Your Racism Show

10. When You Should Really Talk Off Line

11. When The Drugs Take Hold

12. When You Have To Ask This

13. When You Mix Up Your Pills

14. When You Get A Little Too Real

15. When Your Boyfriends Ruins Everything

16. When Gma Throws Down Some Wisdom

17. When You Don't Get The Hint

18. When You Have to Say This

19. When You Play Match Maker

20. When It's Come Down To This

#BreakFree - Virgin Mobile