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16 Ways You Know You're An EDM Fan

BWAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Dope. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

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1. You would literally kill this person

2. Your color palette is anything but conservative

3. You died a little inside when the GTL set started coming to shows

4. You can't see this without thinking of Diplo

Express Yourself

5. You've spent hours in a hotel room, making bead bracelets to share with new friends

6. Your engagement started like this

7. Your kid's birthday party looked like this

8. And you still refuse to leave before the last set

9. You have a thousand pictures of the backs of people's hands

10. and you've waved a lot of glowsticks in your time. (like really a lot)

11. You know the meaning of PLUR and take it upon yourself to teach it to those new to the scene

12. You know this feel all too well

13. Catching cake with your face is a life goal


14. You live life from drop to drop

15. and festival to festival

16. and this year might be the year you finally save enough to get to Belgium

#BreakFree - Virgin Mobile