15 Ways To See The World Differently

Open your mind to a whole new way of seeing the world. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

1. Shabby chic?

2. Might be how muggles see it?

3. Ministry of Magic cut school funding again?

4. Could make you internet famous?

6. Worst toupée ever?

7. Are those after market upgrades?

8. Guessing Charlie should have gotten an MBA?

9. These from the dogs of Chernobyl collection?

10. Mr. Tumnus? You in there?

11. Guess the Babe didn’t get much schooling?

12. I guess privacy isn’t a priority when you’re resting?

13. If you say so?

15. OMG! Is that Pitt and Clooney?

See the world differently. Retrain your brain.

#BreakFree - Virgin Mobile

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