15 Ways Google Is Keeping It Real On The Streets

You can take the map view out of the streets, but you can’t take the streets out of the map view. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

1. Old man Smither’s house never looked better.

Thanks you damn kids!

2. Lady, I’m a cat! Knock it off.

3. Stay out of Scuba Steve’s neighborhood!

4. What did you expect at 214 Pressed Ham Ave?

5. Doing the pidgeon!

Bert? Bert? Old buddy Bert?

6. You guys live next door to Seal Team 6?

7. Old dudes, just YOLOing the day away.

8. The scene behind Burrito Jack’s is always the same.

9. Let’s look up the house, Mildred. Oh dear.

10. Shall I show you my trick? I have but one.

11. And a good day to you, sir!

12. Go home, ET. You’re drunk.

13. Condor Man is on patrol!

No trouble here. Just a lil’ pee pee.

14. Kids, roll up the windows.

15. Found ‘em

#BreakFree - Virgin Mobile

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