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17 Times When You Desperately Need Your Phone

You pretty much can't go anywhere without a cell phone, or you'll die. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

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1. When you're looking for love.

2. When you've found it.

3. When the club can't even handle you.

4. Whenever we're forced to spend five minutes alone with ourselves.


5. When you're having, like, the best time, ever.

6. When you're supplying justice.

7. When you're dining with the fam.

8. When Jeffey takes the last slice.



9. When you're just enjoying the view.

10. When it's holiday portrait time.

11. When this line couldn't possibly get any longer.

12. When the road to the office is paved with good intentions.

13. When you weren't going to pass any laws anyway.

14. When they play your favorite song.

15. Mother's day.

16. When you're trying to get back to nature.

17. When you've run out of things to say... to each other.

#BreakFree - Virgin Mobile