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15 Things We'd Rather Do Than Sit Through Another Award's Show

It's awards season! Oh yay. Somebody ought to give us an award for internetin' so darn good. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

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1. Get lost in a Youtube K-hole.


2. Some networking.

3. Upload our Ultimate Phil Collins Megamix to Soundcloud.

The world must know how mega the Collins can be! Mwa ha ha ha!

4. Update our OKCupid profile.

5. Actively avoid spoilers.

6. Apply for that dream job.

7. Check our symptoms on WebMD.

8. Pin the crap out of some macarons.

9. Google ourselves.

10. Get into a fight on Reddit.

11. Update our Google+.

12. Organize our selfies.

13. Chat at the nexus of the universe.

14. Clean out all the real people in our Twitter feed.

15. And even just see some stuff we can't unsee.

#BreakFree - Virgin Mobile