15 Things That Won’t Happen If Gay People Get Married

We’re not gonna tell you how to love. Celebrate You - Virgin Mobile

1. The world will not end.

2. Christmas will not be canceled.

3. There will be no sex riot.

4. Dogs and cows will not make sweet sweet love.

5. Your children will not suddenly become fabulous.

6. Penguins are not going to take to the skies.

7. Beyonce is not going to stop ruling the world.

8. Babes will not stop being babes.

9. No one is going to take all your swag.

10. Bacon will not up and disappear.

11. Cats are not going to leave the internet.

13. George R. R. Martin is not going to stop killing everyone you care about.

14. You are not going to run out of beer.

15. America will not end, and your freedom is not going anywhere.

Instead, some people that really love each other will go get married.

And then maybe go have a sandwich.


September 21, 1996 - June 26, 2013 declared unconstitutional

Love Wins,
#BreakFree - Virgin Mobile

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