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15 Things That Seem Like Forever Ago

You remember it like it was yesterday - because it was. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

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1. When crack was so much better second-hand

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2. And deportation was still a viable option

3. We used to werk so hard

4. When the Internet was young. Hey, we all were.

5. Back when Facebook was much simpler

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6. and hating everything was so adorable

7. And this goat was robbed of more than one Grammy

8. Mileymania was still running wild, brother

9. And hot love came in hand form

10. So many questions went unanswered

11. And drastically low expectations were a beautiful thing

12. Parenting used to be just like Street Fighter

13. When not giving a damn used to mean something

14. It wasn't about winning and losing

15. And the hay was for everyone

#Obviously - Virgin Mobile