15 Things That Everyone Does But No One Talks About

Birds do it. Bees do it. You do it. And you know you do. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

1. Staring at our phones waiting for any sign of life.

… Despite actually being surrounded by it.

2. Constantly posting pics of our cats.

Total like bait, bro.

3. Maxing out credit cards on Gilt sales.

This bespoke ass sh*t ain’t gonna buy itself!

4. Getting that one epic twitter follow.

5. Constantly refreshing our Instagram feed.

Gimme some hearts, yo.

6. Spending all our money on Candy Crush Saga.

But I NEEDED a lollipop hammer.

7. Checking in EVERYWHERE on Foursquare, except when we get to Weight Watchers.

No. Nope. Never been there. Gotta go!

8. Sending a "Hey! How are you?" text. Followed by a "So, I'm looking for a job. Can I send you my resume?"

Work. Huh! Good god y’all! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing. Say it again!

9. Snapping a quick selfie before a hot date.

Oh hey, me.

10. Hanging out a bit too long on our ex's Instagram.

11. Re-writing that Facebook status over and over until it's perfect.

12. Forwarding a gif and then taking all the credit.

It’s the internet, bro. Sharing is caring.

13. Dancing like we own it when we're alone and our ringtone plays.

It’s just a phone call, honey.

14. Pretending that we never got that text that we totally did.

Naw man, you must’ve texted some other me.

15. Pretending to look at our phone while we're waiting for someone.

#RetrainYourBrain - Virgin Mobile

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