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The 24 Thirstiest People On Instagram

Not drinking your drink is the new drinking your drink. Much Love — Virgin Mobile.

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1. This girl who approached her thirst from every angle:

2. These three who take their thirst very seriously:

3. This chick who wouldn't recognize her thirst if it hit her on the nose:

4. And these girls who didn't recognize it when it did:

5. This big guy with bigger thirst:

6. These poor thirsty souls...

7. ...who can't quench their thirst...

8. ...because of those damn straws.

10. The thirstiest couple on the planet:

15. You were LITERALLY so close...

16. This girl whose thirst drives her boyfriend crazy:

17. This girl who's so close :)

18. This girl who's so far :(

19. This girl whose friend knows how thirsty she is:

20. This girl who's barely even trying:

21. This girl who's trying way too hard:

22. This "21-year-old" who's not fooling anyone with that "margarita":

23. This girl who doesn't know that it's not the quantity of your thirst...