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The 24 Stages Of Letting Someone Borrow Your Phone

It's like they're doing it on purpose. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

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1. Panic

2. Pretend you don't hear them

3. Assume they're joking

4. They say, "it'll just take a second."

5. "and it's really important."

6. Put in your super secret password

7. Hand it over

8. Wait patiently

9. Or not

10. Do a mental run through of worst case scenarios

11. All the selfies that should never see the light of day

12. Your obsession with mermaids

13. This could happen.

14. Be ready. In case they make a run for it.

15. No matter what don't let them out of your sight

16. It'll feel like an eternity

17. You wonder if you'll ever get it back

18. Subtly let them know time's up

19. By any means necessary

20. All of a sudden you look like the bad guy

21. They don't even thank you

22. But it doesn't matter

23. You've got your phone back

24. Now hide it.

#GetOverIt - Virgin Mobile