The Best 4/20 Apps For Stoners

In honor of 4/20 we’ve compiled a list of Android Apps that are most useful to the stoner crowd, but just kinda funny to everyone else.

1. Find Munchies Man…

Find Fast Food app on Android

2. Relieve Your Red Eye

Red Eye Removal app on Android

3. Find Meaning in “One Love”

Bob Marley Quotes app on Android

4. Outsource Your House Chores

Zaarly app on Android

5. Don’t Let The Man Keep You Down

Kick The Boss app on Android

6. Sleep All Day With Ambient Sounds

Relax Melodies app on Android

7. Pay Your Favorite Connections

Serve app on Android

8. Start a Trippy Light Show

Party Light app on Android

9. Lazy Man’s Meme Generator

Snap Chop app on Android

10. Watch TV While Hiking

Couch Potato Lite app on Android

11. Play With Your Light Saber

Ultimate Star Wars Lightsaber app on Android

12. Put Relationships on Autopilot

Lazy Boyfriend app on Android

13. Zone Out To Optical Illusions

Twister Illusion App

14. Record a Spoken Word Jam!

Audio Evolution app on Android

15. Watch Your Cat Play Games!

Cat Playground app on Android

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