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14 Stalkies That Are As Awesome As They Are Creepy

Selfies can really bring out your inner-creeper. Be warned, what you stalkie can be used against you in the court of law. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

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1. American Idol found the next American Psycho

2. Connick's daughter continues the stalker tradition

3. TSA needs to randomly select this Patrick Dempsey stalker

4. We're all rooting for the stalker here, right?

5. I'm Don Lemon, next on CNN, the stalker who stabbed me

6. Stalkers aren't just for celebrities, ask Nick Cannon

7. Gam-gam should not have lifted that restraining order

8. His ex should probably stop using foursquare

9. Crazy eyes doesn't look happy about the band's new fan

10. Duck's wife received this picture in the mail

11. He kept stalking her even after they got married

12. He just realized he's been stalking her stunt double

13. Police know her as the Sweater Vest Stalker

14. He sniffs her cat litter when she's not looking

#Obviously - Virgin Mobile