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23 Stages Of Owning A New Phone

Strap in and feel the Gs. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

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1. You're sitting around doing whatever

2. When it hits you

3. It's time to get a new phone


4. You have reasons

5. This happened


More than once.

6. So you do your homework

7. And find the phone that's the perfect fit for you

8. You open the box and turn it on

9. It's magical

10. You look at it just to look at it

11. Now it's time to tell EVERYONE


Or, more like you text, tweet, or post "hay gurl!"

12. You work it into conversations

13. But, then people actually ask to see it

14. You're like, "No, but look what I can do."

15. You get a bunch of apps you don't need

16. and dat screen tho

17. You start saying things to it you probably shouldn't

18. and overdoing the selfies

19. And really putting those megapixels to the test

20. It like never leaves your side

21. And everything else just seems ancient

22. Cause new phone. New you.

23. And all your friends got total phone envy


And so it begins again.

Because you're getting it all for $35 a month. Obviously.

Virgin Mobile - #Obviously

Unlimited Data & Messaging For Just $35/Month Is An Obvious Deal. #Obviously

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