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15 Reasons We Need A Drink

Cheers. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

1. Your tweet never got retweeted


Not even a single favorite.

2. When you find out the reindeer are really just dogs

3. Halloween barely ended and it's Christmas already

4. The bottle goes bad if you don't finish it

5. The office holiday party is an open bar

6. Responsibility

7. It's breakfast

8. Oh great, another dinner with your significant other's friends

9. The two QBs you drafted have the same bye week, this week

10. Your favorite rug is ruined

11. They gave Dana the promotion. Seriously! Dana!


12. When your nine-year-old cousin starts talking about her new boyfriend and you're 30 and still single

13. $1 draft night!


14. 'Cause that guy's buying


#BreakFree - Virgin Mobile