15 Reasons We Love Our Painfully Hip Moms

It wasn’t easy being so fashion forward and matronly at the same time, but somehow Mom did it. Happy Mother’s Day. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

1. You couldn’t wait to un-ironic that ironic half tee.

2. You looked fierce while feeding,

3. and always nailed your duck face.

4. You knew how to accessorize,

5. and crushed the post 90s throw backs to the 80s, even though we were born in the 00s.

6. You instagrammed all of our lunches for us,

7. and dressed us like we were going to get drank at an Odd Future show.

8. You let us rock a handle bar, back when it was cool,

9. and always killed it on Halloween,

10. and every other day.

11. We always traveled in style,

12. even though you insisted on the not-that-safe vintage car seat,

13. and the vintage fixie tricycle.

14. You were a pretty badass mom,

15. sorry we wrecked your tattoos.

We feel you mom. It’s a tough gig. Happy you day.

#RetrainYourBrain - Virgin Mobile

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