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15 Reasons We Love Our Jewish Moms

It wasn't easy imparting 4,000 years of beautiful history and 4,000 guilt trips, but somehow Mom did it. Happy Mother's Day. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

1. This is the thanks you get for carrying us for 9 months.

2. According to you we could always stand to lose a few pounds, and yet have never had enough to eat.

3. Miss a call = you assume we're dead

4. You were an authority on Jewishness.

5. You were so controlling, you wouldn't even let us pick our own Bar Mitzvah theme.

6. "Is he Jewish? Is he doctor?" were your favorite questions.

7. You enjoyed hiding the afikomen a little too much,

8. and took us on lots of trips.

9. Your reaction the first time I brought home a gentile boyfriend

10. and yet always knew where to place the blame.

11. You worried about getting old, and yet had a more active social life than a twenty-year-old

12. You sent us off to sleepaway camp to prepare us for JDate

13. You kept our faces free of schmutz,

14. and taught us to appreciate Jewish culture,

15. and for that, oy vey.

We feel you mom. It's a tough gig. Happy you day.

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