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15 Reasons The Office Sucks Even Harder During Spring Break

Remember that time you went to Cancun? This is nothing like that. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

1. All those Windows and not a single decent view

2. And the work is pilling up.

3. Even the printer needs to chill

4. Pretty much all of Facebook is at the beach

5. And you're just sitting here, faking it

6. There are allergens everywhere

7. And you can't be sure that trap will hold

8. So you adjust your priorities

9. Until someone says how nice it is outside. Again.

10. Even though you're INSIDE. We are all INSIDE!

11. Barring the extreme, you're here for good

12. While the boss is "out sick". Again.

13. The crazy leads to creativity

14. You'd do anything to leave early

15. But the office is everything. The office is always.

This is Spring. Enjoy it while it lasts.

#Obviously - Virgin Mobile