15 Reasons Penguins Are Way Better Than Cats

Cats had their day, but the future belongs to flightless water fowl. Much love - Virgin Mobile

1. The party doesn't start 'til penguins show up

2. They are all business

3. Penguins move in packs

How are there no street gangs named after penguins? Seems like an oversight.

4. and don't even care

5. Penguins play the beautiful game

6. They are full of grace and poise

7. Penguins like to party… hard

8. and they know how to shake it

9. Penguins will mess you up, bro

10. They don't start none, but they finish

11. Penguins keep each other in line

12. They will take you right to the edge… and past it

13. Penguins don't sweat the whole "flightless" thing

14. They drop bombs on ya

15. Penguins friggin' rock

#RetrainYourBrain - Virgin Mobile

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