15 Reasons Gingers Were Cooler In The ’90s

Redheads of the 90s paved the way for gingers of today, and here’s the proof. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

1. Pepper Ann was too cool not to be ginger

2. Gingers could summon lasers. Pew pew.

3. Grunge allowed for the expression of all that gingery angst

4. Gingers knew how to rock a flannel

5. Ginger mullet was the ultimate look of the 90s

6. Ginger fro was the penultimate look of the 90s

8. Gingers were photographed with no less than 5 babes at a time

9. 90s Grandmoms loved gingers

10. Gingers had tons of bros

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11. and the coolest bikes

12. That ginger chinstrap really sealed the deal

13. Can you even handle this much ginger

14. Well, can you?

15. The 90s could

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