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15 Real Life Traps To Look Out For

Be ever-wary, always vigilant, and constantly ready to #BreakFree. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

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1. The sleepy trap

2. The cold one freedom trap

3. The "It's right over here" trap

4. The politely Canadian trap

5. The slow hippie trap

6. The Williamsburg hipster pest trap

7. The ol' puppy in the pool filter trap

8. The totally not a cop so who likes to party trap

9. The fatties trap

10. The Jersey fist pumping snare trap

11. The eXtreme athlete zip glue trap

12. The not-so-bright digital bot trap

13. The biking on the sidewalk snare trap

14. The 2 hour set up/10 minute gameplay trap

15. The my roommate is a ballshot genius trap

#BreakFree - Virgin Mobile