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19 People Whose Pets Might Not Be Street Legal

Pets are a reflection of their owners. Always be yourself. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

1. I think your dog knocked over my trashcans

2. Taking Spot for a walk. Be back in 12 hours.

3. Do you mind if I pet your... uh ... fishy.

4. Big in Japan? We're huge.

5. With so many bear parks in the city, why would you walk your bear in the street?

6. Oh him, he's wasted.

7. He's a terrier. Of course I have a license.

8. Jib Jub rarely throws poop. Rarely.

9. Just hanging with the Starks.

10. She all like, "Go faster".

11. This pet does not keep the bullies away.

12. Just hanging with the Targaryens.

13. That's just my pet 'Merica.


14. Yes. She can totally haz cheeseburger.

15. Dude was buying Gatorade. Oooooooohhhhh!

16. In 15 years, the bus had yet to stop for Larry and his seeing-eye lion.

17. Play it cool, Steve. I don't think anyone noticed.

19. Which one of you pooped on my lawn?!

#RetrainYourBrain- Virgin Mobile