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25 People That Won The Selfie Olympics

On the world's biggest stage, the best of the best snapped selfies in the bathroom. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

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1. The Silver medalist in stripper fishing

2. Billy took Bronze for his Pomeranian pot roast

3. Gold medal for catching them all

4. Bronze winner of the turn back the clocks - Miley Edition

5. Took Gold in the Game of Thrones

6. Bronze metalist in Ninja Rambo Spaceman karaoke

7. Silver medal winner. Cause Bolt.

8. Bronze medal winner of Spielberg Bootlegs

9. Won Silver + 10% off textbooks w/ ID

10. Bronze medal in race to the fortress of solitude

11. Stripped of medal for performance enhancers

12. Gold medal for Rent-a-Center

13. Silver medal for best bachelor pad

14. One thumb short of a triple-selfie

15. Gold medal for 360 no scope

16. Bronze medal for passing the torch

17. Silver Medal for something something Twilight

18. Gold medal for removal without a buzz

19. Silver medal in the Indoor Winter Games

20. Bronze meta-medal winner

21. Gold medal for worst half-time show

22. Bronze medal for the white suburbia rapids

23. Silver medal for B&E

24. The Bronze medalist for Finding Nemo

25. Gold Medal Selfie (1923)

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