17 Parents Who Internet Better Than Their Kids

They still have so much to teach us. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

1. It's no longer Victoria's secret.


2. Why no one uses graph search.

3. This guy is really good at parenting, and also skateboards.

Seatbelt grab right into a 360 no-hand. And he nails it.

4. Dad's a good neighbor.

5. Staring major gets burned.

6. I blame those Captain Underpants books.

7. Selfie Troll Level: Dad

8. Mom always knows just what to say.

9. The red light district is up & coming. Any day now.

SnapChat was created for this reason and this reason only.

10. Dad jokes. Sooner or later, they'll find you.

11. Sounds like another hit.

12. The lesson: he looks damn good.

13. 'Internet Gold' can also be spelled 'head torch'.

14. Dad's been saving that one for awhile.

15. Night lights. So gangster.

16. Maybe you should clean your room, Joe.

17. Dad's airing dirty laundry.

18. Parents: So wise. So good at the internets.

#BreakFree - Virgin Mobile

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