Our 13 Favorite Fantasy Football Team Names Of 2013

Welcome to Fantasy Football, 2013. Where the points are made up and the team names matter. A lot. Let the trash talk begin - Virgin Mobile

1. RG-3PO. Fluent in over 6 million forms of first down.

Robert Griffin III - Washington Redskins

2. A 2nd round pick. #1 in our hearts.

Torrey Smith - Baltimore Ravens

3. Runs the 40 in 4.58 and destroys pizza even faster.

Cam Newton - Carolina Panthers

4. He’s back … Maybe.

Ryan Kalil - Carolina Panthers

5. Where we’re going, you don’t need helmets.

J.J. Watt - Houston Texans

6. But we’re still in Kansas?

Dwayne Bowe - Kansas City Chiefs

7. Means no worries. Unless you’re on offense.

Haloti Ngata - Baltimore Ravens

8. Suck on that, Wonderlic!

Brandon Weeden, Reggie Wayne, and Dwayne Bowe

9. Maybe the Heisman is just a myth.

Andrew Luck - Indianapolis Colts

10. I can get you a touchdown, believe me. There are ways, Dude.

Tim Tebow - Free Agent

11. No wonder Rutgers have their own STD

Ray Rice - Baltimore Ravens

12. Breesus Christ Superstar. The Chosen One. In the Second Round.

Drew Brees - New Orleans Saints

13. No favorite player? There’s always Lisa Frank.

Unicorn Stickers - Middle School Lockers Everywhere

Honorable Mention

Mark Sanchez - New York Jets

#BreakFree - Virgin Mobile

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