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20 Moments That Blew Your Mind

These things cannot be explained by coincidence, or science, or words of explanation. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

1. When you found out they were the same person

2. When you found out they might be the same person?

3. The first time you did geometry in the mirror

4. When you learned how to distguish the two kinds of elephants

5. When you discovered you could play music after all

6. When you unlocked the secret to the Michael Caine


Like when Coog's nailed it here

7. When you realized it was THAT guy

8. When you discovered the secret

9. When astronomy hit home

10. When you read this

11. When you figured this out

12. When you caught the adult joke in the kid's flic

13. When this was totally plausible

14. When your eyes are opened to the truth

15. When you realized Uncle Phil was Shredder

16. When you realized Sid was in Toy Story 3

17. When you finally see it

18. When it all became clear

19. When you figured out Wolverine was just two Batmen


20. When you know you've seen that before

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