20 Knockoffs We Can’t Tell From The Originals

Where will you turn when your brand loyalty comes crashing down around you. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

1. I’d buy that for a dollar!

To protect and serve

2. It does just fine by itself.

3. Expelliarmus

4. It’s even better than Sqwinch-aide

6. Forever smh

7. Alaska! How could you?

8. They’re like TMNT, except with gluten allergies, so they can’t have pizza.

10. Duh, the sun IS a star

11. His momma told him he was

12. You can play Zelfa AND Great Theft Autobahn!

14. They haven’t been as good since Hakeem Ali Jaffar and Wizard Jackson retired.

15. He’s ready to avenge Jack, and destroy that raft hogging, wanna-be French girl!

16. To be fair, Nkies make you jump higher

17. It’s just a teenie wini knock off

18. The No. 2 is still your best bet

19. Now with more…crust?

20. Make the logo bigger

#BreakFree - Virgin Mobile

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