15 Kids Who Are More Badass Than You

These kids have cornered the market in badassery. Don’t look them in the eye, but also don’t look away. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

1. Billy thinks your teddy is weak, bro

2. Timmy loves pb & double freedom rockets

3. Jimmy's all like, "No big deal."

4. Gerard might need counseling

5. Johnny wants to be a hipster like his daddy

6. Lil Stevie is unimpressed

7. Ike has his block on lockdown

9. Stacy is all like, "Whatever."

10. Ricky is literally playing tag

11. Jesse has a mean right cross

12. Joey goes off all the sweet jumps

13. DJ Playdo's gots mad skillz

14. Trevor may or may not be packing

15. Simon is little "e" big "X" eXtreme!

#BreakFree- Virgin Mobile

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