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20 Gifs That Will Literally Break Your Brain

Don't even try to think about these, or you'll explode. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

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1. MedozaaaAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

2. Tim Burton: suddenly not that strange

3. Blown, my mind is.

4. I knew it... wait. nope.

5. Downright un-American

6. Take me to bed or lose me forever.

7. The physics! It means nothing!

8. Ribbit. Ribbit.

9. Errrrr. Hum-uh-nah. Hum-uh-nah. Hum-uh-nah. Hum-uh-nah. Hum-uh-nah.

10. On a turtle. On a turtle. On. A. Turtle.


Sung to the tune of Rock Me Amadeus

11. Space is cold, Liev.

12. The hills are alive, with the.... THE HILLS ARE ALIVE!!!!!!

13. Do beatniks even take baths?

14. hup hup hoorah!

15. I knew it... Wait. No. Yeah, I knew it.

16. Infinity Hoff is so infinite

17. You so grinny

18. When?

19. March Fifi. March!

20. For dessert... pie.

#BreakFree - Virgin Mobile