15 Cats That Should Be Superheroes

They’re not the cats we need. They’re the cats we deserve. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

1. Wonder Cat

He can fly!
Fly, Wonder Cat, fly!

2. Tank Cat

Part Tank. Part Cat. All hero.

3. Cy-CAt

His x-ray vision can see into your very soul.

4. Spider Cat

He does whatever a spider can, and also coughs up hairballs.

5. Aqua Cat

He commands the fishies to get in his belly, with his mind.

6. Ice Cat

He’ll freeze you with his indifference.

7. Karate Cat

She’s a master of the martial arts.

8. Acid Cat

Is causing all your flashbacks.

9. Insanity Cat

Is just crazy enough to save us all.

10. Time Cat

Has frozen time to foil the evil plans of this string.

11. Fire Cat

Is impervious to heat and catnip.

12. Super Cat

Is clearly not a bird or plane.
He’s all cat, baby.

13. Blow Cat

Is filling his cheeks with the air of justice.

14. Rocket Cat

Is blasting off for truth, justice, and the feline way.

15. Cat Cat

Has the power to cat out, like really hard.

#BreakFree - Virgin Mobile

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